Hi there! My name is Ryan Behnke. I am a lifelong programmer, starting as a kid with GW Basic and learning the ropes with simple video game development (my first game was a maze runner). I specialize in .NET /¬†C# development, but have some¬†professional experience with website, mobile, and database development. I started this blog because I want to share what I know and help others get through the same journey. It’s also for myself as it gives me a place to put my thoughts and explore more when I realize I don’t know every technical detail of a certain subject or document my progress as I delve into new territory.

I like to spend my free time with my amazing wife (Jamie), our cutest baby boy (Ethan), and our crazy but lovable dog (BeeGee). Some of my hobbies include building computers and gadgets, watching sports (preferably live), fantasy sports, reading, video games (playing and development, though not as much these days), hunting, fishing, electronic and rock music, and of course homebrewing (hence the name The Code Brewer!).

You can reach me via e-mail (rjbehnke2@gmail.com) or